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Ive Been Better (var.1) guitar tab read and play online

                    Date: 21 Oct 99
Album: Who Needs Pictures
Written by: Brad Paisley/Robert Arthur
Transcribed by: Eddie Garcia (
Uploaded by: Eddie Garcia (
Capo on second fret
                          "I've Been Better"

D                                  A
Darlin' after you left I got that promotion
They transferred me out to La Joya right on the ocean

And now I'm makin' more money than I can spend
I've got a house on the beach and a bunch of new friends
Oh, you oughta hear what they say
Tellin' me that I've got it made, But…


I've been better
Yeah, I miss those times when we were still together
Right now lookin' back I don't think the past has ever been so clear
And I realize sittin' here as I write this letter
  A            D
Oh, I've been better.

D                                           A
I've been seein' a girl that I met out in Spring Valley
She's havin' the time of her life, least that's what she tells me

She say it's love and to tell you the truth
I've tried my best to feel that way too
        Em                      A
Oh, but I always realize when I look into her eyes, that…


A              D
Oh, I've been better.                    

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